Self love #1 – You love you

You can here imagine a picture of yourself when you were a kid.

Can you see this picture ?

This little girl, careless and smiling like nothing ever mattered ?

This picture, it’s you.

It’s the little you, dreaming and wondering everyday, watching the life pass by with absolutely no matters, no fears, no questionings.

This little girl, it’s the one you used to be. The child, waiting to grow up and old and do incredible things.

Is this little girl happy ?

Is she walking in the street, thinking about nothing, never being hurt or disapointed ?

Is she happy with the life she’s been dreaming to have ?

Is the look on her face, that day this picture what taken, still present nowadays ?

This little girl, is she truly happy with how everything turned out ? Or will she just be something that happened and that you will never listen to again ?

This used to be you, before you made bad decisions, got hurt, hate and fear.

What would the child inside of you do ?

Life is not about things that got lost, life is about creating things that stays.

You have the power to choose what stays and goes. You have the right to let go things that hurt, even though they felt good once. Because the child inside of you, just wants to get hugged, loved and smiled to. Little attentions, soft touches, adventures.

What would the little girl inside of you would have done, in the right situation you are now ?

Would she accept getting hurt, being abused, played with ?

Would she abandon her dreams, because of someone, something ?

Or would she fight ? Would she fight for what she loves, what she dreams of at night ?

Or maybe would she forget all of this, disappoint herself, let go people that always loved her just for someone that doesn’t even deserve the tiny part of her that loves him ?

You are also the child you see in the street, your friend’s baby and your nephew or niece.

You are that one little being you would never hurt, never scare, never disappoint.

You are a being that deserves to be taken care of. You are a living creature that you can love as much as you can and cherish first.

No one has the right to hurt you that much, don’t give them that power. Don’t let them interfere with what you’ve always wanted. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it, you’re not enough, you’re not the right, be the worth, be the enough, be the right, just for you to appreciate it.

Always love yourself first.

Always listen to the child inside of you, like the little baby you are so protective about, that you would carry with all your attention and conscience.

You have the power to change everything wrong that is happening.

You have the power to stay hurt or be happy, because that feeling, that happiness, is what really matters.

Not the thing you lost or will, but the thing you want to stay. Something you actually can have, can manifest, can do.

Alaways choose true happinness over a situation that breaks you energetic flow.

You are a seed you are allowing to turn into a flower, with no one else’s help but yours.

You are the one you will be living with for the rest of your life.

Take care of yourself, all the stages you’ve been living in : the baby you, the child you, the teenager you, the young you, the adult you and the old you.

Take all the time you need to love you, because this is your most powerful magic.

Learn again how to love every part of you, to embrace everything that hurted you and make a decision about it. Just thinking about yourself, not the one you’re living with, not the family around you, not the friends you’re hanging out with. Just you.

You are important and sufficient.

And you will make it.

I promise you’ll do.

You’ll do, if you trust yourself and your inner child.

You love you.

Never forget that.



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